Steve Berglund
| Foundry Pattern Artist

Steve Berglund // Foundry Pattern Artist

Sculptures - Garden Sculptures - Wall Art - Tables

Steve Berglund has donated the major portion of his art to the California Foundry History Museum located in the Micke Grove Park in Lodi California. His collection totals over one hundred and thirty pieces and is currently in storage until museum space can be acquired. The web site for the museum is Pictured here, receiving Steve’s art is Laura Adams Hoppe with the California Metals Coalition/California Foundry History Institute.

Steve began collecting patterns in the early 1970s from Peabody Floway in Clovis, the Waterman foundry in Exeter and Mid State Metal Casting in Fresno, previously known as Lindell Pattern Works.

The patterns Steve collected were made many years ago by highly skilled pattern makers and could take days to complete. Most pattern makers have now been replaced with CAD machines.

Work Shop in Cambria

Steve finished his replica of an Irish Garden Shed constructed with 6 X 6 timber framing, gravel footing, and log ends utilizing a special mortar mix with sawdust.

Relics From The Past

There are thousands of Foundries in the United States with millions of one of a kind Patterns and Molds stored away on shelves waiting to be discovered. Steve calls them "Relics from the Past" because each one has a time and place in history. They are as large as giant sluice gates for canals or as small as bolts... they are door knobs, shower drains, water turbines or motor covers... the list is endless. They could be brought out and transformed into works of art to be enjoyed for their beauty as well as their historical significance.

(Photo at right: Steve collected these artifacts from the rocks under the canneries in 1964.)